ghost hunters internationalHouse, shop, hotel, office building and other similar buildings that are dominantly filled/has more negative energy tend to create negative effect on the people occupying such buildings. Negative energy may also comes from other people’s witchcraft with negative intention such as creating danger for the people who live in the house, making people uncomfortable living in the house by making the people see evil spirits, creating occult terror, the occupiers often possessed, creating illness, blocking soul mates, creating destruction in marriage, job, business, blocking wealth, making goods unable to be sold and others. Negative energy can also comes from its own location due to the spirits have occupied such buildings for a long time.

We have a special experienced team in handling the above cases by using effective and more rational method without using myrrh, incense, oil and other witchcraft instruments. Cleansing is also not done by ways of putting the evil spirits inside a bottle and other extreme/show-off ways and we minimize riots.

In cleansing, we execute the following steps:

  • Make preliminary detection on location/building.
  • After detection is made, we will determine whether cleansing will be done from LONG DISTANCE (if the issue is minor) or by DIRECT VISIT (if the issue is major), we will also determine when the cleansing will be done and how much it will cost. However, fee shall be compromised together. The fee is needed because there is effort/strength, time, thought, and energy consumed because cleansing process is not an easy thing and we can ensure that there is almost always risk that we have to bear.
  • The process that we do is a complete process, starting from cleansing, location protection, and therapy for the occupiers and protection for the occupiers if needed.
  • Making positive energy transfer to the location so it gives positive effect to the occupier.
  • We give GUARANTEE for a certain period of time to ensure that disturbance has disappeared. This is important because, often, negative energy will come again in various tricks/using their own way and therefore continuous observation is required.


  • Chi of the room will be better so it creates positive effects for the occupiers, such as healthier, more feel at home, more comfortable, more patient, reduce uncontrolled stress/emotion.
  • Keeps away mean evil spirit/witchcraft attack/sorcery/black magic.
  • Increase chi/positive energy to attract wealth, luck and life goodness.



1. You may come directly to our office or send email to us by explaining your problems/concerns in detail. Please also attach photos of patient (if needed).

2. We will make verification to survey the location or not. Location survey is required if the problem is very complex. If a survey is required, transportation shall be provided by the client (both ways) or by giving transportation fee. Specific for request from out of town or out of the country, accommodation and meals for our team must be provided.

3. We have the right to accept or reject request for this program. Usually we will reject if we already handle many cleansing program because this program requires concentration, physical and spiritual efforts that must be carried out seriously/focus so we have to limit the request that we accept to maintain our working quality to stay maximum.

4. This program can be done from LONG DISTANCE (if the issue is minor) or by DIRECT VISIT (if the issue is major). We will determine the cost and it can be compromised together. The cost amount is relative, depending on the issue, outer location, location distance and other factors. If a deal is reached, our team will work on a schedule set out together. ALL CLIENT’S DATA IS GUARANTEE 100% FOR ITS CONFIDENTIALITY