art of healingDo you want to be a healer? Therapist? Do you want to help your family and others to recover from their illness?

Are you a doctor? A healer? or other medical practitioners? or a layman?


Whatever your background is…now is the time for you to learn HEALING ACTIVATION METHOD (HAM). A remarkable healing method and can be applied to all kinds of diseases: medicinal illness, non-medicinal illness, psychological illness. For those who have learned other healing methods such as reiki, prana, quantum touch, etc, HAM can be used as new “weapon” of energy healing to overcome your patients diseases.


HAM has its own advantages in illness healing process:

  1. HAM employs a concept that only a patient’s body understands his disease. By applying this concept, you only need to activate the patient’s body in a few seconds and let the body does the self healing. This method may be applied to all ages – children, young and old.
  2. A patient whose body is activated will be able to feel at that very moment various kinds of healing process phenomena such as: his body stimulates automatic gestures, his body feels relax, he feels warm temperature / electric shock, he sees certain picture / vision and others.
  3. It can be easily performed anywhere and everywhere with remarkable results and time and again the effects can be seen immediately. It can be applied to all diseases – medicinal illness, non-medicinal illness and psychological illness. This is a holistic healing method covering mind, body and soul. This method can be employed to treat various diseases among others: heart, stroke,cancer, squeezed nerve (syaraf terjepit), paralysis, defective muscles, sclerosis, luka batin (injure of someone else’s innermost feelings), autism, addiction, homosexual / lesbian.
  4. It can be performed without touching the patient’s body for several minutes until for several hours.
  5. HAM materials covering:
    • Technique to detect diseases – medicinal illness, non-medicinal illness, psychological illness, technique for self protection from negative energy / patient’s disease and technique to stop negative energy / patient’s disease.
    • Healing others
    • Mass healing
    • Distance healing
    • Self healing, training for the art of healing

HAM skill will be activated through the opening of energy path in your body. Besides teaching HAM as the key method in the science of healing, we will also teach subjects on other art of healing as a complement. These are significant subjects that can be applied as medicinal therapy. With these additional subjects, you do not need to take other training on the art of healing so you can safe time and money. The additional subjects we provide cover:

  • Healing method by transfering energy and removing a disease to a media.
  • Self healing using simple healing single exercise/gym. This exercise can heal various kinds of diseases – medicinal illness and non-medicinal illness, the result of which has been tested.

You need hundreds of millions of rupiahs to be a doctor. You need hundreds of millions of rupiahs to be a psychologist. But in this healing training the fee is affordable.

Note: particularly for medicinal illness, this alternative healing method is not meant to replace medical treatment but rather to complement it, over and over again medical treatment has given up but the patient recovers from his illness through alternative treatment. A patient will recover from his illness through healing processes by God will.