Human being is a microcosmos or a miniature of the universe. The grandeur of the universe is in fact, inherent in a human being. Only few people understand and are aware of this secret, because most of them are busy, inattentive, inexperience, skeptic, narrow minded, etc.

The aim of body core energy training is to reveal a wonderful secret of a human body, a perfect creature of God creation by opening and activating the body core energy of the participants. Duration of the training is approximately 3 hours, conducted by an experienced metaphysical practitioner.

After completion of the training, we hope that each participant will acquire the following benefits :

  • Have the ability to open and to activate the hidden power or core energy in the body of human being in order to enhance one’s quality of life. A person’s quality of life whose core energy has been activated is much better than that of those who have not been activated.
  • The active core energy in one’s body can be utilized to access positive energy to heal self, family and other people.
  • Total protection from all dangers, calamity, accidents, epidemic, various kinds of human crimes, Black Magic (Sorcery, Magic spell for doing harm to another, black magic , Love magic, Vodoo, Magic spell to make someone fall in love, etc.) as well as from supernatural creatures. And also to prevent women from being raped and experiencing sexual harassment.
  • Protected from hitting by blunt object, by hands, by kick, collision, attack by pointed weapon or firearms bullet. With God grace, various attacks will not hurt your body. It means you are safe from various kinds of danger.
  • Capability to set self program in order to perform automatically the art of self defense from all kinds of branch of study in time of danger and also for mere exercises.
  • Protected from poison which enters your body unintentionally or intentionally put by a person who wants to harm you. It also acts as disinfectant to animals bite / sting. With the grace of God, the most vicious poison will not send you to death.
  • Ability to transfer energy to protect other people, objects, houses, vehicles from crimes / calamity.
  • Activate basic instinct / six sense to act as radar to detect imminent dangers
  • One is healthier and immunity to various diseases is improved. Recover from suffering diseases quickly or in stages.
  • Ability to heal all kinds of distrubances caused by supernatural creatures and eliminate the effects of Black Magic. Clean up negative energy which obstructs one’s life due to sorcery inflicted by others.
  • To hasten the process in achieving one’s goal, one’s prosperity, to accelerate business, career and other earthly pleasures. It must be noted that, efforts are needed to achieve those intentions, and with the help of the Almighty the active energy in one’s body will facilitate these achievements.
  • To look for partners for those who do not have one. It can be applied to get sympathy in general that is to attract many people but it can also be employed to get special sympathy from a special person but it must not be used to fool around with the opposite sex.
  • Not contrary to other branch of learning that your have acquired except black magic because black magic will be self eliminated and fade away once it encounters body core energy . Some people claimed that their skill in black magic becomes paralyze after they learn this core energy. With the grace of God and with the mediation of core energy, they are freed from black magic trap that might look amazing but in fact makes one suffers in this world and after death.
  • To crush and eliminate Negative fate due past mistakes. By doing good deeds, asking God forgiveness and offering their lives to God’s will make one’s life better and happier.
  • Basic detection by using particular media to enable one to see whether there is negative energy in a house, to identify whether a particular person or object is encircled with black magic, etc.
  • Self confidence will rise drastically after practicing core energy skill in daily life. One who used to feel inferior, shy, coward now becomes a courageous person who has good self confidence. However, it is suggested to attach oneself to humble attitude and to avoid being proud. Negative attitude, especially arrogance will hamper spiritual advancement.
  • Other advantage of the activation of core energy is the opportunity to open one’s heart and to rise up one’s belief to God Almighty. So that one will experience a peace of mind because he is close to God and protected by Him. Apart from that, the remarkable capability of metaphysical which is a gift from God in fact exists and its existence has been tested.
  • we will also open the other kind of energy in the body i.e. cupu besi kursani. Cupu is an oval container located in many parts of human body. In the cupu there is an incredible source of energy. Generally, people know that cupu energy consists of cupu besi kursani, cupu kursani bulan dan cupu serat kalam. However, basically cupu energy can be found in many parts of human body.If cupu is opened, its energy will flow and penetrate the human skin, flesh, blood, marrow, bones and cells so that the human body will be covered with this incredible energy. The function of this energy among others is to protect oneself, to provide prosperity, to act as concealed radar, to bring wisdom. Human body will not run out of this energy when one is still alive.
  • Enhanced high level body protection quality physically as well as spiritually and can be further improved to unlimited level. Protected from bom, grenade, firearms, blunt weapons. Protected from land, sea and air accidents
  • Ability to get rid of a tyrant resistance power. To have the ability to remove magical power from inherited objects / objects.
  • Acquired invisible strength to encounter attack from supernatural creatures.
  • Conquered emotionless enemy. In certain cases there are crimes committed emotionless because they were done by professionals or cold blooded persons. Hopefully this skill will be able to overcome those kinds of crimes before they hit you physically.
  • Proliferate the energy acquired for various needs: prosperity, therapy, career, to find partner, safety, enhancement for the quality of one’s aptitude, emotion, spiritual, and others.
  • To stay young / look younger than one’s age because the kursani energy penetrates into the skin and flesh, so protecting one’s physical look.
  • Ability to fill metaphysical energy to stone, prayer beads and other objects for example for protection, prosperity, sympathy and others in line with one’s intentions and goals.
  • Activated and developed the depth of innermost feelings to be connected to world of spirits (astral). To activate the ability to project astral Ability to gain energy from the universe (earth, moon, planet, etc.) for various purposes, for example: health, therapy, sympathy, etc.
  • Acquired the Ability to Detect something by using body language code, covering:
    • The ability to identify the quality / quantity of positive-negative energy in one’s body.
    • The ability to detect the colour of one’s aura.
    • The ability to identify potential business.
    • The ability to identify the quality / quantity of positive-negative energy in inherited objects, certain location of land, house, office building, hotel, factory, motor vehicles, aeroplane, ship, etc.
    • The ability to identify quality / quantity of ownerless fortune of obscure origin, fuel, natural gas, minerals, other natural reserves including uranium, etc.
    • The ability to identify business partner to work together, whether or not this partnership will bring fortune.
    • And others in line with your requirements and you may also advance this energy yourself for example to shares, forex and the like.
    • Besides the above detection method, the active cupu energy will assist in activating physical radar for detecting requirements/making decision. Physical radar in the form of sensation that can be felt by one’s body for example one feels like electric shock, hot/cold temperature, like ants creeping along, skin becomes thicker/have gooseflesh provides one with positive/negative signs. If one often trains oneself to experience this sensation, it will work automatically to give positive or negative signs when for example one goes through a haunted place, on a trip, meeting people.
    • Practice to feel the flow / sensation of the energy and to see the energy light in oneself.
    • And other advantages not mentioned here. You may develop this energy for other purposes in line with your requirements.


  • The method we use NOT through stuffing but opening / activating because core energy is inherent in a human being as a perfect God creation. Therefore no elements such as supernatural creatures and the like are employed in this method.
  • When the activation of body core energy is completed, it will be directly verified through practice. Participants will be guided to prove that core energy is active in one’s body.
  • The result of vibration method of may vary for each person depend on his/her talent.