Human Being is a Miniature of The Universe


spiritual awakening

Introducing…”The Vibration Method”
an Amazing Method for Spiritual Awakening

Human being is a microcosmos or a miniature of the universe. The grandeur of the universe is in fact, inherent in a human being. Only few people understand and are aware of this secret, because most of them are busy, inattentive, inexperience, skeptic, narrow minded, etc. The aim of vibration method training is to reveal a wonderful secret of a human body, a perfect creature of God creation.

We are an educational and training institution engaged in metaphysical. The training that we planned is aimed to enhance human being quality of life from the spiritual / metaphysical point of view. Spiritual awakening training is very important because human being consists of two aspects, physical and spiritual. However the spiritual aspect is often neglected, as a result we often find many people live in disharmony with self. They experience stress, economic and social problems and others. By joining our metaphysical program, we believe each participant will lead a better life, has the ability to help oneself, family and others, to solve many kinds of problems in daily life. All methods that we employ use human being inherent power, a perfect creature of God creation. Therefore we do not use any elements of supernatural creatures and the like.

Vibration Method Programs:

Body Core Energy : The aim of body core energy training is to reveal a wonderful secret of a human body, a perfect creature of God creation by opening and activating your body core energy.
Art of Healing : a remarkable healing method and can be applied to all kinds of diseases: medicinal illness, non-medicinal illness, psychological illness
Brain Activation :  a special program to stimulate human brain (conscious mind and subconscious mind) for adult (above 15 years old) so that the brain can function to its maximum capacity in daily life
Wealth Activation : Generate The Greatest Wealth Potential In You PLUS The Art of Influencing Others from Long Distance.
Ghostbuster/Ghost Hunters : remove bad energy at house, shop,   hotel, office building, airplane and so on which can cause illnes, bad luck, terror and other destructive phenomenon.